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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Prison Wife’s Poem

A convicts woman is the rarest of jewels. She suffers just as much, if not more, then the man ?she visits in prison. She lives for the next visit, the day when they can be entwined in a world of their own. Focusing on each others thoughts, and not having to adhere to any one's ideas on what, or should not be but simply living each moment for each other. Being a convict is not an easy life, being his woman is even harder. It is she who must sacrifice so that her man can have luxuries that are taken for granted on the outside. It is she who must inform family and friends that her man is not at home. Not because he doesn't want to be there but because he is unable to. It is she who must make more social adjustments then her man. She is the forgotten victim, suffering from a cause not of her making She is ostracized by her employers and landlords By loving a convict she is subjected to carry an unwanted case of suspicious When asked how she can love a man that she can not hold each night She replies, that it is not necessary to have your man physically...that their love is strong enough to withstand the trials of separation and time She is a treasure beyond description no value can be placed on her She makes her man feel vitally alive she knows that she is needed When the day comes that they are united It is the day when all sacrifices she has made will be WORTH the price she has paid...


Jennifer said...

i loved the poem and it is so tru. i am also the wife of a convict but nothing will change the way i feel for him he is my life.

Ginger said...

I really like this poem. My husband has been locked up for over 3 years now with alittle over 4 left, and this is so true. J tells me all the time he lives his life thru me till he gets out.